Safety & Awareness

Living in Halls or Flat Shares

Here are three top tips to ensure your property is left as secure as possible!

  1. Are the doors and windows locked? This doesn’t just mean the front door, but any internal doors too. It might sound obvious but so many burglaries could have been avoided by just turning a key. 
  2. Laptop sat on your desk? iPod on the windowsill? Car keys in full view? Such items are easy pickings for a burglar. Keep valuable items out of sight - put them in a drawer or wardrobe, or hide them under the bed.
  3. Are you insured? Keep lists of the make, model and serial numbers of your electronic items to help police track them down if they are stolen.

Advice for Using Taxis

  • Taxis which display a 'TAXI' sign on the roof can be hailed from the roadside.
  • Private hire vehicles, which say 'Private Hire' on the doors, must be pre-booked.
  • Hailing a private hire from the roadside or outside a venue invalidates the driver's insurance - you will find vehicles waiting outside pubs and clubs to increase their income but don't get in unless you have pre-booked it, you are putting yourself at risk.
  • Vehicles which don't have any licence plate are not taxi's - some peaple hang around in their vehicles waiting for drinkers to come out of pubs.  Some of these are simply trying to make a quick buck illegally, others have more sinister intentions and you have no idea which is which until you get in and it's too late.  In either case there is no insurance should you suffer injuries in an accident.

Personal Safety

  • Avoid walking alone after dark.
  • Keep to busy, well lit roads and try to look confident even if you don’t feel it.
  • If you think you are being followed, cross the road and keep walking. If it continues head for a busy area or lighted house to ask for help.
  • Get a personal attack alarm and carry it in your hand.
  • Carry your bag close to you with the fastening next to your body, but if someone tries to get it, let it go.
  • Keep your house keys in your pocket for easy access.
  • When you go out, tell people what time you expect to arrive home.
  • When out at night, get a taxi or someone you trust to take you home.
  • Always sit in the back of the taxi.
  • Don't be tempted to hitch a ride or accept a lift from someone you don’t know.

Personal attack alarms are available from the Student Union Office upon request subject to availability. 

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