PaperCut sytem


PaperCut is the University's printer-credit system. Whenever you print from a computer, credits will be taken from your account balance to pay for the print. Your PaperCut balance will be displayed in the top right of your screen when you log in to a University computer. 

At the beginning of each term the University will provide you with printing credits. Students in Higher Eductation will recieve £10 credit per term. Students that are in Further Education will receive £5 credit per term. When these run out, you will need to top up your balance to carry on printing. Please see the information below for ways to top up.

Top up online using your debit/credit card

You, a friend or family member can now top up your student PaperCut balance online using a debit/credit card.

Credits can be purchased in amounts from £1 upward in one transaction (You can make another purchase if you need to add more credit). Using the link below, you will need to fill in your student details in the following format:

Student ID: AB123456

Surname : Surname_123456

For example, Jane Bloggs who has the student number 000123 would log in using 'jb000123' as their student ID, and Bloggs_000123 as their Surname.

Please click here to top up your PaperCut balance online using your debit/credit card.

(You are strongly advised to not use a University machine, but to use a personal device such as a phone or laptop when making payments online. Leeds Arts University cannot guarantee security of data transmitted to WPM using University equipment and accepts no liability for use of the site).

Managing your PaperCut account

You can view your PaperCut account history and add print credits using a voucher purchased from the library by visiting the PaperCut account service. You will also find a link to manage your account in the PaperCut notification window in the top of your screen when logged on to a University computer.

Please note that you can only access your PaperCut account from one of the University computers, but you can add credit from any computer, even at home.