The libraries provide a comprehensive range of useful physical and online study resources.

Physical Collection

Both libraries hold a growing and wide range of physical books, print journals and dvds available to all students and staff with the option to transfer between campuses. We also offer private and open study spaces and access to photocopiers, scanners and mac suites. To browse, loan or reserve an item from the collection, login to the library catalogue management system Liberty.

Online Resources

An online resource is anything the library gives you digital access to, alongside ebooks and online journals, online resources also include digital media collections, searchable image and video databases, specialist article databases, TV, radio and film streaming services, trend forecasting and analytic platforms and more. To view frequently used and all resources subscribed to by Leeds Arts University visit the Online Resources A-Z on eStudio.


The archive preserves the history of Leeds Arts University, which has roots dating back to 1846. It records the changes in institutional organisation, adaptations of the curriculum, and evolution of the student body. It also includes examples of past student work. If you would like to explore the university archive, please send your enquiry to 

Subject Resources

Our subject resource pages present specific information tailored to each individual course offered by Leeds Arts University, including useful links, module information, research guides and recommended reading. Browse Subject Resource pages via eStudio. 

Journals and Publication Finder

Blenheim Walk and Vernon Street libraries hold a wide range of current and archive journals and magazines, both print and digital. When looking for a specific journal, ebook or newspaper when researching you can use the Publication Finder to quickly search for titles and view all available sources. The interface offers full, backdated listings and more in-depth search results that allow you to search and extract specific articles within a publication.

Accessing our Online Resources using your OpenAthens Account

OpenAthens provides you with a single sign-on user account that allows you to access and move from resource to resource without having to re-enter your login and password each time, both off and on campus. All students and staff are provided with an account and activation link at the beginning of the academic year and anytime you wish to use any resources mentioned above, you will need to login first. If you need any help activating your account or have forgotten you login details please contact: