Buying IT Equipment

All IT equipment must be requested through IT Services. This must be done as part of the annual Capital Bid process. Departments cannot use their own budgets to purchase IT equipment, except for:

  • storage media (e.g. USB memory sticks, external hard drives)
  • headphones
  • mouse mats

Although IT equipment is normally purchased through specialist vendors, small quantity purchases of the above equipment is often more expensive than through standard retailers. If large quantities of the above are required, this should be done as part of a Capital Bid.

If a need for other IT equipment arises after the Capital Bid process has completed, the requirement should be raised through the Programme Director and the Senior Management Team.

Devices to assist with disability or occupational health (e.g. specialist keyboards) should be requested through Health and Safety, not IT.

Replacement Staff

New members of staff who are filling an existing role will use the machine(s) allocated to the previous role occupant. The machine(s) will be wiped and updated with the lastest build before being re-allocated.

New Staff

When additional staff are joining, please drop a ticket into the Helpdesk notifying us with as much notice as possible. Lead time on purchasing new equipment can be up to 4 weeks.