Library Interventions


Photo credit: Hamish Irvine, 2018

Library Interventions: Moving Knowledge

April 2018

Library Interventions transformed the Leeds Arts University's Blenheim Walk Gallery into a complex site that re-enacted a repository of knowledge: a gallery filled with books and objects, it acted as a site of poetry, performance and moving image.

For Michelle Williams Gamaker, the library was considered as a docufictional platform, where a liminal encounter between the realm of fictional subjectivities and its more rational counterpart of facts could take place.

Williams Gamaker – in collaboration with David Steans, and Clare Charnley & Geoff Clout – and with text-based contributions and readings by the poet Joey Chin – re-staged the Leeds Arts University Library by drawing upon the immersive qualities of games and novels, plunging visitors into a physical renegotiation of the library and its contents, a space full of resonating narratives.