System Status

eStudio downtime

Over the summer period, the eStudio will be taken offline to perform necessary updates. Please refer to the announcements section of the eStudio for actual dates.

HE File Server (Mendez) - updated 6th October 2015

This issue is now resolved.

The file-sharing function on Mendez is stopping on average every 1-2 days. We get no warning of when this is going to occur, nor do we receive any alert once it's happened. We are going to be replacing the server with a new one in the next 2-3 weeks, subject to the new server arriving on time. We anticipate a little bit of downtime over a weekend as we migrate data across but nothing more than that.

This issue only affects BA / MA students who use the HE File server.

Google Chrome

We are going to be removing Google Chrome from all student computers across the College. This is due to an ongoing instability in the current release, which is causing it to crash either on startup or after a short period of use. We are advising all students to start using one of the other browsers available (Firefox, Safari or Chrome) until such time that we can re-introduce Chrome.