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At Leeds Arts University you will not be held back by the limitations of facilities or equipment.

Our fabulous, state-of-the-art resources and libraries offer you the best possible opportunities for proving your talent and your potential. You’ll be able to produce work which meets or exceeds the demands of modern practice in art and design. 

Our workshops and studios are equipped to industry standards, and are run by highly skilled staff who contribute significantly to our teaching. Most workshops and studios have a drop-in facility, including on Saturdays, so you can carry on working in your own time.

Each resource has it's own eStudio page, which has more information about the resource, specifics about opening times, resources and much more. Please use the list of links below to visit these pages.

Loan of Equipment

As a staff or student member of the University, you may wish to loan equipment from the resources. Please refer to the Loan of Equipment Policy for further information regarding loans.

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