Broadening Horizons - the value of an overseas experience

Type: Report
Author: British Council - Education Intelligence
Year of Publishing: 2015
Keywords: value, overseas, experience, international, exchange, study abroad

This British Council report looks at the experience of UK and US students,their motivations, expectations and the benefits of an international exchange experience as part of their programme of study.

The report argues that the idea the internationalisation of higher education is simply comprised of student recruitment is outdated and that students should  be given the opportunity to develop into global citizens. One of the ways this is happening is through encouraging home students to study overseas. Outward student mobility is essential for personal growth, at the institutional level for diversification and knowledge sharing and at the national level as an investment in human capital and long-term relationship building

The UK and the US have long been the top two study destinations for international students globally but there is a substantial imbalance of mobile students in each country. With the intention to promote overseas study, each of these countries in recent years has established initiatives, such as the UK Strategy for Outward Mobility and the Generation Study Abroad programme in the US.  Through the Broadening Horizons series, the British Council aims to understand UK and US students’ prevailing perceived drivers and barriers to outward mobility to affect positive change at the individual, institution and national level.