If you are worried or concerned about yourself or a friend you can tell a member of staff you feel comfortable sharing this with, they will put you in touch with a member of the safeguarding team. If you are unsure who to talk to, Student Welfare are here to help. They are based behind the Students Union office.

You can contact them by telephone on 0113 202 8000 or email

Please click here to view the designated safeguarding staff members

Please click here to view the Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy


Please click here to access the Student Concern form to report safeguarding issues


If you would like to talk to someone out of University in confidence you can contact:


Childline - You can call them free on 0800 1111 and this number won’t appear on a telephone bill. Available 24 hours a day.


For help and support, you can contact any of the following organisations, or ask a trusted adult to do this for you.


Children's Social Work Services; 0113 222 4403

Basis Yorkshire - An independent Leeds-based organisation working with girls and young women against sexual exploitation. Their expert help and support is confidential and free. Tel  0113 – 2430036


BLAST- Supports boys and young men who have been, are being, or are at risk of being sexually exploited.

Tel 0113 2444209

Text 07808 863662



West Yorkshire Police have specially trained officers who understand, will listen to you and will help to make it stop. For Leeds the Safeguarding Unit number is:

 0113 3859590



You can also contact the police in a non-emergency 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, by calling 101.

In an emergency where a crime is in progress, or there is a danger to life, always call 999


Support in University 


Leeds Arts University is committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our students and recognises the issues associated with abuse. The University has a statutory and moral duty safeguard and promote the welfare of all students in our care. The University will contribute to the protection of students by the following:


· clarifying standards of behaviour for staff and students, creating a strong culture of anti-bullying and tolerance

· introducing appropriate work within the curriculum, to encourage students to contribute positively to society

· developing staff awareness of abuse to protect students from harm and neglect, addressing concerns at the earliest possible stage to manage welfare and safeguarding concerns effectively

· supporting student’s physical, mental health and emotional, social and economic wellbeing through the curriculum and other activities 

· ensuring that students are provided with a safe and healthy environment, and to ensure the physical environment of the University is appropriate for disabled students

 Safeguarding PREVENT Agenda Responsibilities


Part of the University’s responsibilities are to keep our students safe; we have a duty of care to safeguard your wellbeing and, where necessary, take action regarding safeguarding issues and crime prevention. This includes challenging unacceptable behaviour such as racism, bullying or expression of extremist views, which could impact on the well-being of students in our care.

The University works hard to treat everyone fairly with dignity and respect.

We therefore ask, and expect, you to do the same, for staff or your fellow students. We ask you to, think about your own views and opinions and how these can affect how you treat other people. Treating people unfairly is often the result of stereotyping and prejudice. Everyone benefits from studying or working somewhere they feel safe and valued.

If you are worried by someone’s behaviour or attitude towards yourself or someone else, tell somebody e.g. your course tutor, Student Welfare or other member of staff you trust. This will be taken seriously. We have designated safeguarding lead members of staff who work directly with external agencies to support students with safeguarding concerns. No one should feel intimidated, bullied, victimised or unsafe at the University. If you have any ideas about how we can make University life even better, you can take part in student focus groups, speak to your student rep or talk to your tutor.

We are dedicated to promoting values which support our students to develop a strong sense of social and moral responsibility.

We prepare our students for life in modern Britain by developing an understanding of:


How we can influence decision making through democratic processes such as the national electoral system, local elections or our own Students’ Union elections.

The Rule of Law

We are law abiding citizens and we are all accountable to the laws of society.

Individual Liberty

We understand and exercise our human rights in a safe environment. Students are supported and encouraged to make informed choices about their future progression pathways.

Mutual Respect and Acceptance

We promote the importance of mutual respect through our shared standards of behaviour in and around the University and we actively promote diversity and accept that people have different faiths or beliefs.