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2017 Library Interventions: Reading Gendered Words


Library Interventions are a series of artist led explorations of the library collections: Browsing, searching, collating, reading, recording. Situated in the heart of this learning environment, Library Interventions are investigations into the creative possibilities of the library.

PREVIEW 13th of April The Blenheim Walk Gallery at Leeds College of Art

Symposium 20th April 2017                    Eventbrite tickets



Maria Fusco: the possibility of ourselves as strange and new

Maria Fusco is an internationally renowned writer and Reader at University of Edinburgh. Her research is concerned with fiction as critical practice, working across the registers of the fictive, critical & theoretical writing.

Maria leads the symposium, questioning classification in gender and exposing the opaque process of standard library systems.


girl /ɡəːl/ noun – Gone Girl. The Girl on a Train. The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. Girl with a Pearl Earring. Mean Girls. Guerrilla Girls. She is everywhere, but who or what is a girl? SPUR creates The Girl Library, a hub for reading groups and an open reading space within the gallery.

Rosa Nussbaum: Body Documents 

Rosa Nussbaum manipulates the material form of the book to explore queer absence within institutionalised collections