Staff Guide to Staff Mobility

International Mobility - Staff guide – staff mobility 

Leeds Arts University strongly encourages staff to participate in international opportunities. Staff can claim financial support to undertake either teaching or training placements and are advised to contact the International Team for more information.

This guide has been developed to enable Course Teams to support staff members wishing to participate in an international opportunity, normally through the Erasmus+ programme within Europe. Occasionally there may be opportunities further afield, although this will be dependent on financial constraints and the potential contribution of the suggested mobility towards the wider internationalisation strategy of Leeds Arts University.

Staff mobility for TEACHING can ONLY be undertaken by Leeds Arts University staff at institutions with which the College has an inter-institutional agreement. If your institution of choice does not appear on this list an agreement will need to be completed before a placement can be undertaken. An agreement will be completed if a partnership with the institution will contribute to the wider internationalisation aims of Leeds Arts University

Staff mobility for TRAINING can be undertaken by Leeds Arts University staff at institutions that either do or do not have a current inter-institutional agreement with the College. Training mobility can be undertaken by both administrative and academic staff. Training may be in the form of job shadowing, observation, attendance at workshops or courses etc....This may be for transfer of knowledge and good practice, to learn from shared experience, acquire practical skills or discover new ideas. Applications for funding where the mobility's sole or main purpose is to attend a conference will not be supported. 

Please note:

  • Mobility opportunities at Leeds Arts University are available to both academic and administrative staff.
  • Leeds Arts University mobility placements within Europe are bound by the time constraints laid down in the Erasmus+ guidance (see durations below). 
  • Mobility placements must be agreed in advance with the relevant line manager.

Support during a mobility placement

The International Team will keep in regular contact with staff members throughout their placements to monitor their progress and wellbeing. However Course Teams are also encouraged to keep in touch with staff members on placement to ensure they feel supported.

Duration of a staff mobility placement

Mobility for staff teaching and staff training may be from two days to two months, excluding travel time. For teaching mobilities, the individual must deliver at least eight hours of teaching per week (or any shorter period of stay).

Finance and the Erasmus+ staff mobility grant


Mobility grants for staff are provided as contributions towards subsistence and travel. Staff subsistence and travel costs are paid as flat rates and will vary depending on the country of destination. Please remember that subsistence can be claimed for travel days but travel days are not included in the calculation of the minimum duration of the mobility.

Worldwide exchange programme

We do not currently have a specific budget for staff to undertake mobility placements outside Europe. However, this is something that we could consider supporting on a case by case basis depending on the potential contribution of the mobility to the wider internationalisation strategy of Leeds Arts University.

Please contact the Head of Internationalisation to discuss your plans –

Promotion of international opportunities 

The opportunity to participate in an international mobility will be promoted to staff wherever possible, normally at staff inductions, MICE meetings and alongside the promotion of student opportunities.

Application process and deadlines

Unlike student mobility there are no set deadlines or processes for applications. Staff who would like to participate are advised to speak to their line manager about their plans then contact the International Team ( to discuss the location, dates and duration of their proposed visit.

Alternatively, if you would like to participate in an international opportunity but are not sure of the options available to you, please contact the International Team

Being an ambassador for Leeds Arts University

Following a placement, staff members are expected to share the benefit of their experience with both students and staff.


Prior to the placement each participant must sign a mobility agreement form to formally accept the grant. Participants will be required to provide a short ‘teaching programme’ for their mobility period; this is approved and signed by both the sending and host institutions.

Following the mobility period participants are required to complete a final report. This is an online report – you will receive a link from the British Council.


Please contact the International Team with any questions or comments