Guidance Notes

These notes are intended as a quick guide to entering an incident in the Accident Book. They are not exhaustive and you should seek clarification from the Health & Safety Officer if you are unclear about how to enter information into the form.


This section contains details about the person who had the accident. The Title, Forename, Surname and Occupation are all mandatory pieces of information that must be supplied. You will not be able to save the details on the form if they have been left blank.


This section should only be completed if the person reporting the accident is different from the person who had the accident.


Details entered into this section should be as comprehensive as possible.

Some sections are mandatory and are marked with an asterisk (*). You will not be able to enter the record if these sections are left blank.

  • Time : This should be entered to the nearest fifteen minutes
  • Where did the Accident Happen : give details of where the incident occurred. This should, if possible, be the room number, or should mention a room number (e.g. in corridor outside room xxx)
  • Course Leader/Person Responsible for Area : if the accident occurred in a course area please give the name of the Course Leader, otherwise give details of the person who is normally responsible for people in a particular area (for example, line manager in an office environment).
  • How the Accident Happened : try to give as much detail as possible including what actually occurred, what the person was doing at the time and any special circumstances surrounding the occurrence. You should also mention if the person was using any specialist equipment.
  • Give the Cause of the Accident : again, try to give as much detail as possible but state the actual facts surrounding the cause of the accident e.g. trailing wires, using equipment incorrectly, faulty equipment etc. Concentrate on the cause of the accident rather than making suggestions about any preventative action that could have been taken.
  • If the person who had the accident suffered any injury, say what it was : please state if NO INJURY was suffered. Describe the injury briefly but succinctly e.g. cut to lower part of left index finger, bruising to face. Mention the type of injury sustained e.g cut, bruise, fracture and where on the body the injury was sustained e.g. head, right arm, left leg.
  • Hospital visit : If the person who was injured attended hospital as a direct result of the accident please tick this box.
  • First Aider : the drop down box will expand to show a list of people within the University who are designated first aiders. If the person who attended the injury is not listed then please enter "Unknown" and report the fact to the Health & Safety Officer who will be able to confirm whether the person should have been on the list.
    If more than one first aider attends an incident then the person who is first on the scene of the incident will assume responsibility for the incident and should be named as the First Aider.
    A First Aider should be called to every incident, however minor. If, for whatever reason, a First Aider is not present at an incident then please choose "No First Aider Present" from the drop down list. You should note in the Accident Details section the reason a First Aider did not attend the incident.

When you have entered all the details please scroll through the form and check that the information is correct and that you have given as much detail as possible.

Press the button marked "Enter Record" to save the form.

Pressing "Clear Form" will delete all the information on the form. You will have to start over entering all the information again.