BA (Hons) Photography

BA (Hons) Photography Course Specification

Module Specifications for Level 4
OUPH401 Context of Practice 1
OUPH402 Personal and Professional Practice 1
OUPH403 Photographic Practices
OUPH404 Studio Practice
OUPH405 Photography on the Printed Page
OUPH407 Ideas and Resolutions

Module Specifications for Level 5
OUPH501 Context of Practice 2
OUPH502 Personal and Professional Practice 2
OUPH503 Responsive
OUPH504 Photograph as Representation
OUPH505 Specialist Photographic Practice

Module Specifications for Level 5 - Erasmus Exchange
OUPH506 NLM2 Erasmus
OUPH507 NLM1 Erasmus

Module Specifications for Level 6
OUPH601 Context of Practice 3
OUPH602 Personal and Professional Practice 3
OUPH603 Extended Practice

For students who enrolled with the University in September 2015 and before, please contact your Programme Administrator for copies of programme and module specifications.

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